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The importance of taxis in cinema production

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The black cab is iconic and acts as a vital component in the London landscape. This is why, if a film uses London as a location, it's likely you will see a black cab featured at some point. When you see a black cab on the big screen, this has likely been sourced from a taxi company who hires out taxis for film work as part of their service. This not only adds to the authenticity of the scene, but the company is also available to help with the smaller details and credibility of the scene if required. From car chases to romantic encounters, we look at three of the best ways a London black cab can be utilised on the big screen. 

1. Car chase scenes 

When a taxi driver gets involved in a car chase scene, they almost always step up to the plate. Think of the classic moment in so many films when the protagonist screams "follow that cab!" and the taxi driver springs into action. In fact, without taxi drivers on board, we reckon that many of the bad guys that have since been put behind bars would still be roaming the streets. 

2. Awkward encounters 

When two people are stuck in a taxi together, they're connected at that moment for a brief period in time in a way that the audience can relate to. This can make for great cinematic value and is a fitting location to make-or-break a relationship between characters. If they both get out together, sparks might fly. If one stays behind to go home, things aren't looking good. Calling a taxi alone is also a common way to represent the end of the night or even an unsuccessful date. 

3. Location fitting 

If it's not clear where a scene is shot from the scenery alone, the presence of a black cab instantly informs the viewer that the character is in London, rather than in a more rural area. These small but clear indicators are a simple but effective way to signify a location without breaking the bank on excessive props. 

If you're looking to hire a London taxi for your production, don't hesitate to contact the London Cab Company to discuss how we can help.

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