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Say hello to our brand new electric taxi at The London Cab Company

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

No object is as synonymous with London as the black cab. The simple, elegant London taxi has been the symbol of our capital for decades, but that could be about to change. London is a thoroughly modern city, always keen to embrace any new technology that can improve the lives of its residents. Here at The London Cab Company, we try to match that spirit of innovation, which is why we’re proud to introduce you to our first electric taxi.

Created by LEVC (The London Electric Vehicle Company, formerly the London Taxi Company), the TX is the world’s first purpose-built electric black cab. The product of years of hard work by some of the world’s top designers and engineers, the TX promises a brighter, greener future for London, whilst retaining the iconic style of the traditional black cab. The taxi offers a range of features from onboard wifi and USB charging, to rear climate control and contactless payment fitted as standard. A panoramic sunroof will allow passengers to enjoy the finest views that London has to offer, while the TX’s carriage doors and spacious interior make it accessible for all.

The London Cab Company is well established as the place to go for convenient and affordable taxi hire for TV and film work. Nothing creates an authentic London backdrop better than the inclusion of a taxi. We’re happy to announce that the TX is now available for black cab filming alongside our traditional taxis, giving you the opportunity to bring your production bang up to date. The TX is also available for PR and corporate events. What better way to show that your company is flying the flag for sustainability than hiring a brand new electric black cab for the day?

If you're interested in booking the TX or any of our other taxis, get in touch today!

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