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London Taxi Tours - spot a green cab shelter!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


The green cab shelters

London Taxi tours Once London returns to normal, we at The London Cab Company will look forward to welcoming back our visitors (old and new) and resume conducting tours in our world-famous iconic taxis. We always work to a standard, not a price. London Cabbie Green Hut Shelters On our famous Taxi tours of London, one thing we will always point out are the green shelters dotted around our capital city. You may have wondered what those strange little green huts with taxis parked up around them are? Maybe you have seen them on TV or in a movie. They could be found in the corner of a picturesque London square or sometimes in the middle of the road with the traffic rushing past either side of them. These quirky little buildings are actually taxi driver shelters. In 1875 George Armstrong, a newspaper editor, sent his servant out to fetch a horse-drawn Handsom cab during a blizzard. The servant reported back to his master that none were available. You see, the cab drivers of the day used to sit on the outside of the horse-drawn carriage, so winters made the job particularly unpleasant. Public houses were popular places where the cabmen could get warm on the outside  - and together with a few gins, warm on the inside too. Together with like-minded philanthropists (including the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury), they created a charity to provide purpose-built shelters providing hot food and (non-alcoholic) drinks for the taxi drivers of London. The first shelter that opened was in Acacia Road in St Johns Wood  - coincidently close to the home of George Armstrong. The shelter has moved a couple of times in 145 years and can be seen today in Wellington Place, NW8 - near to Lord's Cricket Ground, just off the High Street. By the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, 61 driver shelters had been erected at a huge cost of £200 each. They had to be built according to strict rules and regulations and because they were structures on the highway, they could not be larger than the size of a horse and carriage. The rules for taxi drivers taking a break are still in place today including a rule that it is strictly forbidden for any card playing, betting, or gambling to take place! The Cabman's Shelter Fund is currently a charity that looks after the shelters and all except one of the remaining 13 Grade II listed taxi-driver shelters are still in use today.  I would suggest coming for a brew and something to eat, but you cannot enter the shelter unless you have undertaken the Knowledge of London and qualified as a London cab driver. However, the shelter keeper will offer you a takeaway service from the window   Want to find one for yourself?

  • Chelsea Embankment, SW3 - close to the junction with Albert Bridge, London

  • Embankment Place, WC2 - near to the Playhouse Theatre

  • Grosvenor Gardens, SW1 - west side of the north gardens

  • Hanover Square, W1 - north side of the central gardens

  • Kensington Park Road, W11 - outside numbers 8-10

  • Kensington Road, W8 - close to the junction of Queen's Gate SW7

  • Pont Street, SW1 - close to the junction of Sloane Street

  • Russell Square, WC1 - western corner (relocated from Leicester Square)

  • St. George's Square, Pimlico, SW1 - on the north side

  • Temple Place, WC2 - near junction with Surrey Street

  • Thurloe Place, SW7 - in the middle of the road opposite the Victoria and Albert Museum

  • Warwick Avenue, W9 - centre of the road, by Warwick Avenue tube station

  • Wellington Place, NW8 - near to Lord's Cricket Ground

If you want to find out more information about the Cabby Green Shelters or want to discuss future London taxi tours them please get in touch with The London Cab Company Limited, 49 Raymond avenue London, E18 2HF +44 (0) 78 85349994

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