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How to use taxis in films the right way

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Black Cab in London

Taxis have played an important role in films for decades, but their role is more diverse than many people realise. Read on to find out how to use taxis in films the right way. Iconic imagery Most people will instantly recognise a black cab, even if they have never seen one in real life. London black cabs have featured in several famous films, including The Da Vinci Code and The Bourne Ultimatum, among others. Some taxi drivers have even won lines in popular movies, and considering London is known for its fleet of 21,000 black cabs, it would be a huge oversight to shoot a London-based film without them. Exposition scenes Taxis are often used in exposition scenes, which are literary devices that help to introduce important background information about characters, settings or events. Some films will have the character, who is sat in the back of a taxi, engage the driver in conversation. The driver will then provide facts about specific events relating to the film or its location. Entertainment purposes While taxis are mainly used as props in films - characters often have to borrow a taxi to pursue a criminal - some of the most iconic movies of all time have been about taxi drivers themselves. Of course, we couldn't talk about how to use taxis in films without mentioning Taxi Driver (1978) and Collateral (2004). Are you looking to hire a taxi for black cab filming? Contact us at the London Cab Company today to book your London taxi. We're happy to talk to you in more detail about how our cabs and drivers can be used in your next movie.

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