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Why not hire the traditional London black cab for film work?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Black Cab In London

With their iconic shape and colour, the London black cab is a staple accessory when representing London in the media of film. Unmistakably English, there is no better way to add authenticity to a shot of the city. There are a number of reasons why you should look into taxi hire for film work.

Famously available in London

For the weekend visitor or long-term resident, the black cab is a staple of London life. Whether you are setting the scene or a character in your film needs a ride, a black cab taxi will lend a feeling of legitimacy to any film shooting in London.

Everyone needs a cab sometimes

Who among us hasn't found themselves in a taxi home after a night out or in need of shuttling to a local hotspot? To book a black cab is to find yourself in the centre of the city either looking for or having had a great time out. Films, music videos, TV shows and more all need that feeling of credibility and for the audience to be able to relate, and a London black taxi offers a solution.

Available at great prices

The London Cab Company offer black cab rental for any number of purposes. They are the leading supplier of London taxis and specialise in film, TV and movie work and can't be beaten on price. Boasting an impressive collection of clients including Adele, Lily Allen and Rita Ora, their star-studded clientele is recommendation enough.

There are plentiful reasons why a black cab is a great prop item to hire for film, TV and movie work. Unbeaten on price and dedicated to providing clients with great service, The London Cab Company offer a solution to all your black cab hire needs.

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