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Everything you need to know, before using taxis for adverts

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

London at night black cabs

Technology has created a massive amount of digital marketing opportunities but cutting through all the ‘white noise’ and opting for a more traditional type of advertising can be highly impactful.

Why are taxi ads effective?

Getting your brand identity in front of thousands of people in a cost-effective way has to be on every marketing professional’s ‘to do’ list.

The wonderful thing about using a London black cab as an advertising method is that it achieves that effortlessly. Better still, it will be constantly on the move! Meaning your brand message and logo will be getting ‘up close’ to countless local people and visitors for hours at a time.

For small business owner-managers, this is also a stress-free and affordable way to promote their venture. They get help with every stage in the process, and once the artwork is approved, they can sit back and see the results from their advert moving around London.

How to plan your black cab campaign

As this will be such a profile marketing and sales option, it’s important to plan your artwork carefully. How would you like your brand identity to be displayed on the London black cab or cabs?

Ask for expert help if this is a new way to advertise your business, and we can make sure you get the best possible positioning and impact on our fleet.

You will also need to decide a length of time for the campaign according to your budget and goals, but keep in mind this is a sustained way to promote your business, not a short quick fix.

Black cab hire is popular in London and the driver’s arrival is often a welcome sight. However, could your brand identity be the first thing they see? Not to mention all those passers-by on London streets!

Get in touch for details.

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