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When visiting London - either for business or pleasure - people can spend most of the day getting in and out of Taxis, looking for change to pay the driver and collecting all the receipts, if the driver has them available, leaving you with a pocket full of scraps of paper to sort through when you return to the office. Not everyone has cash to pay for journey after journey.


The London Cab Company has the solution. We will make a vehicle and driver available to you, your family, guests or staff on an hourly rate.


For shopping, sightseeing, business trips or for sheer convenience, your personal vehicle and driver will be waiting for you where and when you want them. No more standing on street corners in the rain (we are talking about London, after all). No more apologising at your destination that you are late because you couldn't find a cab.


Payment can be made in cash or by credit card as a single transaction or by invoice which can be sent to you either weekly, monthly or on completion of your contract.


All vehicles are licensed by the Public Carriage Office

All drivers are licensed by the Public Carriage Office

All vehicles carry Public & Private hire and reward insurance

All vehicles are maintained and cleaned to the highest standard you would expect from the London Taxi trade. All drivers wear collar and tie

Air-conditioned vehicles on request

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