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Treasure Hunt
A black taxi cab following a broken line pointing on the direction on a cross on an old map with directions

The Hunt will conclude at another pre-arranged venue where the group can relax whilst the scores are calculated and the finale is the announcement of the results and a prize giving:-

The iconic London black cab, an invaluable and much loved method of transport in the busiest of cities and now your personal method of transport for a Treasure Hunt! Travel in comfort across London nipping down back alleys and cutting through the traffic to solve an inventive array of fun challenges. This is the ideal outdoor team building activity which will explore many of the famous landmarks of central London.


We will liaise with you prior to the event to design and tailor the perfect experience for your corporate requirements. Briefing will be given at a pre-arranged starting point where you will be welcomed by our experienced staff. The Taxi Treasure Hunt will use specific challenges designed to fully engage and entertain all the members of each team and includes, a scavenger hunt and photographic tasks.

• An effective and entertaining off-site activity
• A leadership challenge for new management
• Discover the skills and resources within your team
• Improve communication methods
• A bonding exercise for groups of graduate recruits
• An imaginative way to boost team spirit or simply enjoy a great event
• Perfect for a party or celebration
• Ideal for client development
• Solve clues with your corporate colleagues; family and friends

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